1. Red


Do you like red? Then you are definitely a strong personality. You love life and enjoy every minute of it. You are courageous and open-minded. You never lack self-confidence. You are constantly looking for new experiences. Even if you stay calm most of the time, it doesn’t mean that you are shy – you still love risks and adventures. Be yourself and let others know that you’ve got plenty of potential, deep feelings and emotions.


2. Pink


Girls go crazy over pink. You can find something pink in every lady’s wardrobe. Some wear a pink lip gloss while others are bold enough to put on a pink jacket or a coat! This color is usually loved by young romantic girls. People who like pink seek protection and romance. By no means should you assume that they are weak, though! If you like pink it means you are feminine. You declare that you love yourself and you want others to love you. Be realistic and understand that it’s normal that there can be someone who doesn’t like you.


3. Green


Green is associated with spring and, as we all know, spring is the beginning of a new life. Green also means growth, development and balance. Those who like this color are timid, na?ve and relaxed. They are quite conservative and avoid changes. What they want to get rid of is fear. They are full of patience and sincerity. What makes them vulnerable is their willingness to trust others. Also, they are very respectful and sensitive.


4. Yellow


Yellow is the color of happiness, joy and freedom. It brightens the world. If this is your favorite color, then you are an intellectual, logical and smart individual. You might be slightly irresponsible, though. You do have a lot of goals, but you tend to give up before you reach them. You expect too much of others and yourself which makes everybody feel upset at times. People whose favorite color is yellow are very creative and artistic. They know what others need to do to live a good and jolly life.


5. Black


People who like black are rather reserved. They do not let anyone else see their true feelings and thoughts. They do not trust others easily and it takes time to gain their trust. Lovers of black avoid attention. They prefer solitude. It is said that black can also mean emotional insecurity. However, despite all the above-mentioned qualities, people who like black enjoy spending time with those whom they truly love.


6. Blue


What type of people like blue? Well, such people could be described as caring, sensitive and thoughtful. They control their feelings and emotions. Also, you can expect them to help you in difficult times. They are hard-working, loyal and trustworthy. They stay faithful to others and themselves. As a rule, thanks to their positive qualities they achieve good results in life.